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It's a long day in office and as we sit in front of the CRT doing our jobs and sometimes with nothing to do, many things come to our minds and out from under our fingertips. Here's a snippet of what goes on during those IM sessions...

Missing you Aankha..

By shAq
Missing you a lot aankha.. It's been a long time since our last talks.. since you went to the land down under and i came to US. Now u're back home and i'm away here..

Hope you're doing good Aankha. take care..

Given the fact that some are saying tomorrow is the day the world ends.. this might be my last blog post.. so.. he he.. take good care of yourself aankha..

My best wishes for you..

Forever your friend,


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aankha: hey
did u run any reports ever???
shAq: nopes
no data to run
aankha: okay

shAq: you running reports?
aankha: can't
shAq: ok


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aankha: hmm
Its April 1 today
look at my Private message in MSN
shAq: everybody can see it.. what's private about it?
aankha: eh it;s personal rahechha
my bad
shAq: happy b'day
aankha: ;P

The case of the Convulsing Meat!

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shAq: I was at the cold store today.. and i saw the the meat on display having convulsions.
aankha: uh?
shAq: the meat on the display was moving
aankha: uh!
shAq: I wanted to buy that piece
aankha: why?
shAq: to eat
aankha: the convulsing meat??
shAq: disturbing eh?
aankha: ok
WHY was the meat moving?
and WHY did you want it?
shAq: meat does that sometimes.. when you cut of the head of something, the body keeps moving to release the energy it has. .. may the meat was fresh..
aankha: okay.. then it wasn't meat yet.. for me
it was MURDER
shAq: c'mon . every momo you bite is murder then
aankha: no.. by then it's meat
and someone else murdered the meat giving animal

shAq: well.. it was murdered coz' you demanded it.. so you're the motive for murder.
aankha: nahinnnnnnnnnnnn
i might as well become a vegi... if this keeps up
no.. i just have to stop thinking of this
and YOU
stop making me think
shAq: ha ha
why me
what have i done
aankha: you're the one who brought up the convulsing meat
shAq: I'm just an innocent bystander in the path of your conflicting conscious.
aankha: well you're the one the Fates chose to put in my path

shAq: still i'm innocent.

aankha: until proven guilty

Bad Mojo Jojo

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aankha: outbox mai adkiyo
shAq: hmmm...
aankha: timro disease saryo
shAq: maybe aghi timile ya type garda.. you took it away from me
aankha: maybe
bad bad finger
shAq: bad bad mojo
aankha: mero bad luck dherai kharab rahechha
shAq: nah.. badluck nothing.. google server ma problem cha